Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is the enterprise side of the Nudge platform. It connects health professionals with their clients and empowers them to maintain engagement and grow their business.

The client profile provides at-a-glance insights into all of the client's mobile health data as well as an open line of communication to the client. Figuring out a way to dive deeper into data without obscuring the messaging experience was a top priority.

I designed a Modular approach to give a thumbnail view into client data that can be opened to view more detail without disrupting the messaging experience.

I was recently charged with tackling detailed nutrition tracking. I started meticulously tracking everything I ate and drank for 2 weeks to explore the perspective of the client. From there I created multiple concepts, met with coaches, and held mock coaching sessions based on my real data to determine the strengths of each approach.

Final Design

I put together this promo video in After Effects. It showcases a much earlier version of the UI but it still gives a good overview of the platform.

Nudge Promo Video for Practices from Nudge on Vimeo.

UI Infographics

I designed a set of infographics to communicate how UIs worked in an abstract way to replace screenshots in training materials. This avoided the pitfalls of sreenshots who become deprecated with minor style changes.